Our Story

Bikesaint motorcycle apparel


My name is Lukas and I am a biker :). Motorcycle riding is my passion, my therapy, and I enjoy being part of the motorcycle community. I love original and quality things. I like to know where my things came from, what makes them special and what is the story behind them.

I realized that is not the case for most mass produced name-brand or no-name products available on the market. More or less they all come from China, their quality is questionable and there is nothing original about owning something that has been sold in millions of copies. Furthermore I have no illusions about how they've been produced in regards to social and environmental responsibility. 

Unfortunately the same goes for motorcycle apparel - and therefore Bikesaint! My goal is to create a brand in which style, quality and sustainability come together. Our products are originally designed, our suppliers carefully selected based on the material and production quality as well as sustainability. We aim to produce many of our products locally and extend our commitment to sustainability all the way through fulfillment.

Each of our products has a unique story and it has been selected and designed with a biker in mind. It looks cool, it will serve you without compromises and you can sleep well knowing that you own an original piece of equipment that has been produced in fair and ecological conditions. Whether you are a fellow motorcycle rider, who enjoys being able to retrace the origin of your things, or you are just looking for that special piece of quality motorcycle apparel for your close one, you came to the right place.